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Playlist Heaven : Antonia Grace: A Voice of the Overlooked Generation

With some of our most favourite popstars today starting out from a young age (Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Queen Britney Spears) 10-year-old Antonia Grace looks to follow in their early footsteps with her new EP London Grace out NOW.

French-born and London based, her early(er) years spent performing in musical theatre seemed to have proved helpful in her confidence in her ability. With a history of performing in front of over 1000 people, she has quickly adapted to writing her own lyrics, keen to give young people of her age a voice in a society which often silences anyone below voting age.

With a YouTube account dedicated to performance, she has previously released videos to Dave Gahan’s Tomorrow and Goldfrapp’s Ocean (which was supported by Major World Associations in Forest and Ocean Protection) and released her first single, N.E.Thing, recorded at London’s legendary Abbey Road, in 2019.

Antonia’s outlook and voice are beyond her years, reeking of maturity and progression. The five track EP presents her talent as well as giving a voice to a generation that is often overlooked. Then we also have the endearing childlike themes running throughout giving her that sweet coating to her pop-star edge. We are even treated to role reversal of the child telling us a story in track ‘Bad Story’ which sees Antonia falling in love with a vampire.

London Grace is a perfectly pop album that offers you a rare insight into a child’s mind. Prepare to enjoy and see the world from a pair of young eyes.