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INTERVIEWS OF FEBRUARY : Antonia Grace – London Grace

By: Jessica Dyer

Q) How would you describe your music?

A) The main genre would be pop-rock, but it really depends on whom you ask. Some music magazines consider my music as “perfect polished pop’’ and pop stations play my EP. Alt rock and college stations play my songs, too. Myself, I easily fit my songs to pop-rock, for example “My Little Ten” is inspired by Depeche Mode sounds.

Q) Who are some of your musical influences?

A) I love Depeche Mode music, but also their lyrics. I also pay high attention to all kind of movies’ soundtracks, which can inspire me for my song writing process. For example, my song “Bad Story,” which is inspired by Twilight theme.

Q) What was the inspiration behind the title London Grace and it’s cover?

A) That’s kind of easy but could sound maybe tricky. London is the cit