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The second single ''Tick Tock and Bonbons'' from Antonia's forthcoming EP is released this Friday

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The lyrics of ''Tick Tock and Bonbons'' single is written by Antonia Grace . Antonia added some French wording in the lyrics to refer to her native language. The song is about a daily life of a teenager in our modern world. This is a funny song describing how teens spend their free time today, using modern Internet applications to share their sweet moments with their friends. Antonia tells us ''Bonbons (which means candies in English from French) are the joy of kids/teens, it's sweet, it's tender , it's always colorful and it brings joy and smiles. Today, one of the favorite applications of teens brings smiles, it's joyful, so I decided to make this comparison with candies''.  

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