''Like a light shining through dark clouds, Antonia’s talent and potential is a true pleasure to watch blossom''.


Her music is addictive, it’s almost something of a lost art...



All the songs are written by Antonia Grace. 
All the songs are produced by Lemoyne "LA" Smith, Chicago, USA. 
All the songs are mixed by Marc Williams, Los Angeles, USA. 
All the songs are recorded in 808 Studio in London, UK.


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Music Reviews

Critical Acclaim



Brilliant, Antonia Grace. It sounds fantastic with the lights of Depeche Mode. She goes for a kind of a pop rock sound, I definitely think it came through that song. Brilliant song here. Originated from Essex and produced in LA. Very fancy indeed !


I cant' believe you are 10, you were lying to me. You are incredibly talented. Antonia Grace is an uprising young artist.

Antonia not only sings like a professional, she writes the lyrics herself.
In her latest single, ‘My Little Ten‘, she takes on a very mature performance.
The track itself starts of with a techno vibe, created by the punchy base which is later subsidised with a rhythmic beat, setting the mood for the rest of the song.
As the song progresses, we get our first impression of the young singer, whose voice is so mature for someone her age, making her sound as if she’s been in the game far longer than she has.
This is only enhanced by the maturity of her lyrics and the performance she gives in the track, topping it off with a really catchy chorus to tie the song together beautifully.
I guess the only thing left to wonder is, what next? With such an astonishing performance at such a young age, the sky is the limit for Antonia and I cannot wait to see what she releases next.

Already holding an impressive artistic career under her belt, ten-year-old Antonia Grace is currently on her way to dominating both the acting and music world! Her latest single ‘My Little Ten’ shows snippets of the young artist experiencing her first mature problems. ‘My Little Ten’ is the single from her upcoming debut EP ‘London Grace’ and it’s already gained her lots of plays throughout the UK’s radio stations. With her mature outlook on global events and commendable awareness, ‘My Little Ten’ promises an exciting future for the young girl.

On the spot music

Despite being only 10 years old, Antonia Grace is already giving the industry’s top performers a run for their money with her new single ‘My Little Ten’. If this rising star is already turning out successful hits at just 10 years old, imagine where her career could take her.

Antonia Grace drops amazing EP ‘London Grace’ despite being only 10 years old. The 10-year old singer has released five hit tracks which really showcase her stunning vocals.Tracks ‘My Little Ten’ and ‘Tick Tock and Bonbons’ are unbelievably mature and expressive for a girl of such youth. The EP is perfectly pop and upbeat; a great listen if you’re ever needing to feel motivated. Antonia Grace certainly has been.

New Music Platform

Upcoming pop superstar Antonia Grace seeks royal approval with new EP. Antonia Grace has now released her first EP ‘London Grace’, embracing her inner popstar and showing off her outstanding range and versatility as a performer.

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